Gem of Georgia : Part 3

I saved the best for the last.

Tblisi countryside looks like a piece of art.  Unedited picture below.

SAMSUNG CSCI set out to the famous monastery of Davit Gareja on my last day in Georgia. Davit Gareja is one of the best day trips from Tblisi as per Lonely Planet  and has been rightly declared a UNESCO world heritage site .There are regular mini vans plying from Liberty Square . It is approximately 73 kms away from Tblisi and the way is through beautiful Caucasian villages.The journey to Davit Gareja  takes almost 2 stunnning hours laden with gorgeous landscape and a fight to save your camera battery till you actually reach the destination.  Georgian countryside is straight out of a postcard and the pictures could serve as a perfect PC wallpaper. It was unquestionably one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever witnessed. The scenery changed from lush green expanse of immaculate land to myriad shades of brown and red as I approached the monastery.

I was not convinced how the old cave monastery would fare , after a visually enriching 2 hour sojourn , however ,I was taken by a pleasant surprise . Davit (david) Gareja is an ancient monastery ,built in 6th century, a part of which still houses Orthodox monks. The complex consists of 13 monasteries and lies on Georgia – Azerbaijan  border.


It lies in a semi desert area and the first and only accessible part of the monastery is called Lavra. It is also the only inhabited part of the complex . As you walk up the unkept road you would see the monastery which has somewhat blended itself with the landscape .



It is  a marvellous piece of architecture.

As the monastery resided on a Mount Greja  you would be required to climb a bit to access the vantage points.  It is a highly pleasant climb with beautiful vistas . After a 10-15 minute climb you can see the fenced Azerbaijan border at a distance and a valley below you. You can catch a glimpse of eagles flying in the deep valley .

Captured !
Georgian- Azeri border..look closely !!

After making my way and falling a couple of times on the treacherous terrain (exaggeration) , I saw the cave monasteries at Ubadano. The frescoes on the walls have stood the tests of time .



I stayed there for almost an hour to marvel at and admire the well preserved frescos.


Davit Gareja is framed by beautiful shades of brown , red and orange . After you visit the first main monastery you can go up the slight steep paths and view postcard like terrain.

The paths are narrow but completely doable
Unedited !



Journey through the mystic Davit Gareja will take you approximately 1 and a half hours.

Do’s and Dont’s for Georgia – Exercise common sense and pack according to the weather.The mountain top at Davit Gareja becomes windy so it’s best to dress in layers , wear comfortable shoes , and get water or /and energy/chocolate bar.

Davit Gareja , van ride through Caucasus and experiencing the astonishingly stunning countryside of Georgia was the perfect way to round up my trip to this quaint county.

I surely saved the best for the last.

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